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Thanks for visiting my website and profile page! I am a husband and father of two beautiful kids. When I am not functioning in that capacity, I build websites and brands. I do this as a hobby and for clients. I started doing web design back in 2002, at just 13 years old and I haven't stopped since. While the majority of my projects have been for myself, I have also proven my abilities working for design firms and in local government. I have only recently started offering my web services publicly, but I have the experience and knowledge to compete in today's market. I am confident that I can satisfy your web and online media needs.

Jeremy Malais
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My Services

Web Design & Development

I'll put together an amazing website for your brand or business. I work with the best technologies and offerings in the industry to create functional and phenomenal spaces.

Images & Marketing

Get high quality images for your digital or print marketing materials. I source from the best photography exchanges and deliver relevant images based on your needs.

Presentation & Video Editing

I can create product or service presentations and produce video marketing. I'm here for your digital media needs, so let me help you inspire and interact with your audience.

SEO Content & Copy Writing

Get the write words out. I'll publish unique content or proofread existing content in order to drive sales and engage visitors. Don't let your message go unheard.

Code & Computing Services

I offer custom development solutions through coding partners. I provide computing services like web hosting and management of web & social media accounts.

Mobile Ready

Mobile responsive websites and social media marketing for complete coverage. I can help create custom mobile apps for your organizational needs!